Sachio Nomaki, Teruhisa Hibino, Greg Redman, Junichi "IMO" Imokawa, Hideshi Noda
Sachio Nomaki, Teruhisa Hibino, Greg Redman, Junichi "IMO" Imokawa, Hideshi Noda

Our Heritage

H&X is headquartered in America, but we have global roots. As a wholly-owned subsidiary of Hibino, we share the resources of an internationally-renowned leader in audio-visual and LED technology.

Following in Hibino’s long tradition of excellence, we’re dedicated to the highest level of quality control, no matter the size or scope of the project. To access the very best tech, we source our equipment from our reputable global partners. The result is reliable, leading-edge hardware that runs smoothly and performs exceptionally well.


We believe success is built on collaboration. That’s why we’re dedicated to seeking input from all stakeholders on a project. From creatives to accountants and engineers, we work with your team to confirm that everyone’s needs are met. Our holistic process ensures that the project stays true to your vision, while adhering to timeline and budget.

We know that great concepts rarely come to fruition without challenges—so we start each job prepared accordingly. When we hit a roadblock, we continuously dig until we find the solution. The Japanese call this process “kaizen,” though to us it’s just another day at work.

Why LED?

We believe that LED (Light Emitting Diode) media is the best solution when you need to reach a large, live audience—especially in today’s crowded marketplace. Every day brands race to find new ways to grab people’s attention and leave an impression. As a consumer, the experience can be overwhelming. Where do you look? Who do you pay attention to?

LED media breaks through the marketing noise. Unlike most forms of digital advertising, you’re not limited to a small smartphone or computer screen, nor do you need to worry about other ads competing for real estate on a web page. You can capture your audience’s imagination with arresting imagery and innovative messaging on a large digital canvas.

Indeed, high-impact LED screens allow your brand to reach its creative potential. Amplify powerful messages, show rousing videos and graphics, or unite your employees with inventive presentations. Whether they’re tailored to attendees of an auto show, or used as a dynamic tool during a corporate event, our hardware helps bring your ideas to life.

Meet the Team

Our team is an array of industry proven professionals at every level of the job.  They thrive on the complex, and enjoy the thrill of every job.

Greg Redman


  • Passionate Experiential Marketer
  • Facilitator of the Operational Process
  • Advocate for the Creative
  • Professes customer service is as important as strategy

Leslie Dillingham

Business Development

  • 20-year veteran of the LED industry
  • Trusted collaborator
  • Steward for clients’ success
  • Seeker of Innovation

Abe Tilahun

Technical Director

  • Designer of Solutions
  • Overseer of Multitudes
  • Strategist
  • Educator to All
  • Genesis of Knowledge
  • Nobody does it better