H&X 1 Year Old and Mapping Out OC Expansion

Orange County Business Journal covered H&X’s 1 year open house, and spoke with CEO Greg Redman.

Orange County Business Journal-H&X 1 Year

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H&X Technologies, Inc.

Hibino Coporation of Tokyo, Japan proudly launches its newest subsidiary H&X Technologies headquartered in Irvine, California.
H&X Technologies, Inc.
H&X Technologies, Inc.2 hours ago
The Sapphire pairs a series of small, easy-to-handle LED panels with separate support frame to deliver a visually brilliant, highly-configurable, large-format

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H&X Technologies, Inc.
H&X Technologies, Inc.2 days ago
The lightweight Carbon Series LED panels are designed to build large LED walls quickly. The carbon-based LED panels, easy hanging or stacking options and clever touring frames and transport dollies make the Carbon series the ideal solution for touring applications. The Carbon series LED panels offer both flat or curved configurations and are suitable for a variety of indoor applications.

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H&X Technologies, Inc.
H&X Technologies, Inc.1 week ago
Never Forget.

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