H&X 1 Year Old and Mapping Out OC Expansion

Orange County Business Journal covered H&X’s 1 year open house, and spoke with CEO Greg Redman.

Orange County Business Journal-H&X 1 Year

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H&X Technologies, Inc.

Hibino Coporation of Tokyo, Japan proudly launches its newest subsidiary H&X Technologies headquartered in Irvine, California.
H&X Technologies, Inc.
H&X Technologies, Inc.1 day ago
Our archives reminded us that it’s been TWO years since Strategic Brilliance. 💙❤️

Who thinks we should throw another shindig once everything opens back up?

#HXUSA #TLSProductionsInc #HibinoUSA #StrategicBrilliance
H&X Technologies, Inc.
H&X Technologies, Inc.3 days ago
Happy Birthday, Peter!
H&X Technologies, Inc.

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