H&X 1 Year Old and Mapping Out OC Expansion

Orange County Business Journal covered H&X’s 1 year open house, and spoke with CEO Greg Redman.

Orange County Business Journal-H&X 1 Year

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H&X Technologies, Inc.

Hibino Coporation of Tokyo, Japan proudly launches its newest subsidiary H&X Technologies headquartered in Irvine, California.
H&X Technologies, Inc.
H&X Technologies, Inc.
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H&X Technologies, Inc.
H&X Technologies, Inc.
Booth: TopCon Positioning Systems Inc.

Topcon Positioning Systems is a leading designer, manufacturer, and distributor of precision positioning and workflow solutions for the global construction, geospatial, and agriculture industries. Always one step ahead, Topcon creates and embraces disruptive technologies in order to help businesses accelerate success and returns on investment. Topcon technological innovation and breakthroughs in productivity keep industry professionals working smarter and faster. topconpositioning.com

LED: H&X Technologies
Rigging: TLS Productions, Inc.
Account Manager: H&X Technologies
Project Manager: Dan LaPorte
Lighting Design: Robert Glowacki Jr.
Lead Rigger: Josh Bleeker
Programmer/M.E.: Jay Ledane
A1: Carlos Bartlett
A2: Melissa Williamson
📷: Kathryn Rapier & Dan LaPorte

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