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About H&X Technologies
H&X Technologies is the USA’s extension of Hibino Corporation in Tokyo, Japan.  Hibino Corporation is Japan’s largest “Sound & Visual Specialists”!  Today the Hibino Group of companies includes 24 different subsidiaries.  H&X Technologies is excited to be one of those “Specialists”. 
Hibino Corporation is a very established organization, with the founding of the company dating back to November 13, 1964 by Hiroaki Hibino, now Chairman.  Since 2006, Hibino Corporation has been a publicly listed company on the Tokyo Stock Exchange.  Today HIBINO GROUP has over 1,000 employees and continues to be managed by the Hibino family with Hiroaki’s son Teruhisa Hibino as President and CEO.  
In 2017, Hibino Corporation made the strategic move to simultaneously expand into both the USA and Europe.  Hibino USA and H&X Technologies are the wholly owned entities within North America.  While AV-X is our sister company based in Hamburg, Germany.  Our teams and assets are all interchangeable to support projectS on both a local and global basis.  
H&X Technologies is based in Irvine, California, while approximately 50% of our staff are remote throughout the United States.  Since our inception, H&X has grown from an LED supplier to a full-service media hardware / production company.  In 2019, Hibino USA and H&X Technologies acquired TLS Productions (TLSP) based in Ann Arbor, Michigan.  TLSP added the production services of lighting, rigging and audio to our media visual world.  Today the complimentary services of TLSP and H&X Technologies offers our partners the complete Audio, Video and Lighting production services for any size corporate event, live marketing, trade show or concert touring project you may have.  
And, part of what further differentiates us is that all of these same services and equipment are available to you in Europe and Asia.  Our resources are very scalable, and we look forward to work with you on any size project.  The highest quality of service and attention will be consistent on any opportunity you partner with us on!!!