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hibino corporation of japan partners with lIminal space to provide a new spatial 3d led product using ghost tile technology; now being offered in the u.s. by h&X technologies

H&X Technologies now offers Spatial 3D LED Ghost Tile technology, for concerts, corporate presentations, exhibitions, sporting events, and for location-based entertainment venues, providing unprecedented immersive experiences. To accelerate the global expansion of both Hibino and Liminal Space, Hibino and H&X will promote the business model of specializing in “location-based-entertainment” that Liminal Space is developing mainly in Europe and the U.S. Additionally, through Hibino’s capital investment in Liminal Space, H&X / Hibino will participate in product development of Liminal Space, aiming to create new value for the global entertainment market. 


Immersive Experience That Combines "Reality X Passive LED Display X Lighting and Other "Effects"

The LED display equipped with Ghost Tile technology enables immersive staging that blends “Reality” with “Virtual World (3DCG)” or “Augmented Reality, Mixed Reality (AR/MR)” by placing a performer or artistic set in front of the screen. Great effects can be achieved when using it in combination with lighting, lasers, haze, smoke, strobes and other effect devices. It is possible to realize new combined staging effects in which real people and objects can be blended with the digital images of the LED display.

Supports 3D and 2D video display. Users can easily and seamlessly switch between the two depending on the scene.

Liminal Space’s glasses can be adapted to both watching actual objects and virtual 3D images at the same time.

No shadow casting that is common to projection mapping. Performers and scenic elements seamlessly integrate with holographic visuals.

Hibino Immersive Entertainment Lab

Hibino Corporation | H&X Technologies and Liminal Space

Hibino Corporation is Japan’s largest “Sound & Visual Specialists”. Today the Hibino Group of companies includes 24 different subsidiaries.  H&X Technologies, a wholly owned subsidiary of Hibino Corporation, is pleased to be offering this new technology in the U.S. market.  Beginning in the Spring of 2024, H&X Technologies will offer ROE CB3 MKII LED Ghost Tiles and content development to clients in immersive, experiential, entertainment, trade show and live event markets.

Liminal Space is a U.S. based technology and media company that designs and builds immersive experiences using its proprietary next generation Ghost Tile technology. Liminal Space’s Ghost Tile stereoscopic display technology provides VR-like immersion with its customized 3D glasses where holographic images float in the air in front of you. Liminal Space’s next-generation technology originated in the U.S. and is expanding globally through strategic partnerships. Hibino Corporation, parent company of H&X Technologies, provides Liminal Space the opportunity to expand to Asia and will mark the first rental operations in Asia and Japan; and now H&X Technologies are excited to offer this cutting-edge technology to their production and rental clients here in the United States.  H&X’s already stellar reputation of providing world-class event technology is now combined with Liminal Space’s passive LED technology which will provide customers with a one-of-kind immersive experience like no other.

For further information on this partnership, please contact: [email protected]

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